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Business leadership

One on One meetings are underrated, whereas group meetings waste time (2017) Christian McCarrick interviewed me about this essay, check out the podcast here: Why Group Meetings Can Be Time Wasters with Lawrence Krubner (2018)

Discretion still matters -- don't ruin your career by sharing too much (2017)

Things that allow you to recover from having a bad tech team (2018)

Why are women being pushed away from the tech industry? (2018) on a possibly related note, see the discussion of the gendered usage of the accusation "You're too emotional." (2011)

Why are large companies so difficult to rescue (regarding bad technology)? (2019)

Kelly O'Donnel: flat, non-hierarchical organizations do not work (2019)

The right way to do Agile (2019)

What makes a great project manager? (2019)

Code theory

PHP is obsolete (2014)

Object Oriented Programming is an expensive disaster which must end -- the Wikipedia page devoted to Object Oriented programming lists me as one of the critics and links to this essay. (2014)

The lack of software leadership is the driving force of verbose ceremonies and placating rituals (2016)

The Agile process of software development is often perverted by politics (2016)

How ignorant am I and how do I formally specify that in my code? (2016)

Immutability changes everything (2016)

Mutable iterators are the work of the Devil (2016)

The Functional paradigm is not about static type checking (2016)

Why would anyone choose Docker over uber binaries? (2017)

Why I prefer dynamic-typing over static-typing: the speed of adapting to change (2017)

How should your company handle data safety and version control? (2018)

Docker protects a programming paradigm that we should get rid of (2018)

Docker is the dangerous gamble which we will regret (2018)

Why are software developers confused by Kafka and immutable logs? (2019)

How does your frontend know the id of a document if you're using an async architecture? Rely on UUIDs. (2019)

Caches are cheap, so build a lot of them for the frontend (2019)


How I recovered from Lyme Disease: I fasted for two weeks, no food, just water (2019)


Poland was shockingly liberal in the 1400s (2018)

Art theory

An interview with Martha Mendenhall, theater director

An interview with Kelly O'Donnel, theater director

Book review: Evening, by Susan Minot

Book review: Pretty Much Screwed, by Jenna McCarthy

Book review: I Take You, by Eliza Kennedy

Femslash and the growing power of fandom

Um, err, uh, I guess this isn’t a terrible review?

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